Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Q: “I am an iPod junkie; I listen to it even at work. My problem is where to put it. My phone already occupies one of my pants’ pockets. If I put it on the other pocket, my pants already bulk up. Right now, I end up putting it on the table or just holding it when I’m on the move. Any ideas? ”
- Marco, Pasig City

A: Thomas Pink, makers of bespoke dress shirts, offers an ingenious solution to your problem. They’ve come out with a limited tie collection that includes a hidden pocket at the back for the ubiquitous iPod. Although, while I give them props for this innovation, I can’t help but think of how uncomfortable it must be to have something constantly tugging on your neck. I haven’t been able to find this locally so the best place to check it out is through the Thomas Pink site: Personally, I find that my shirt’s breast pocket works just fine for small gadgets.

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