Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bloody Red

No, this is not a paid post by Clear Dandruff Shampoo. It's just me venting on why everythning must be bloody red on Feb. 14.

1. Please, please, please fight the urge to wear red today. I mean, give the color a rest already; we already saw a lot of red last February 7, Chinese New Year.

2. Roses come in many different colors. Peach is probably the most romantic of them.

3. Stay away from restaurants decorated with red cut outs of hearts and boy-and-girl-leaning-forward-in-a-kissing-action. They will likely not have wine.

Men - I hope you made reservations. No decent restaurant will have an empty table for walk-ins.

Ladies - Be nice to your men. They skipped a lot of lunches to make this day a little special.

The Toilet Sink

Q: “Please help me, wherever I go, I always make sure that I have my vanity kit with me, whether I go to the mall, to the beach, at work, or even when hanging out with my friends and co-workers. With this kit, I have my cologne, alcohol, baby powder, hair cream, tissue and face mirror. I also have in it some coins, my keys, a ball pen, extra tank top and sometimes, my umbrella. All of these things make my hand carry too bulky to be "hand" carried. Is there really the acceptable vanity kit for men? If yes, what should we have in it? Please advice. Thanks!”
- Lester, Amadeo, Cavite

A: Sounds more like you carry your bathroom around than just a vanity kit. I’m all for proper grooming and hygiene, but unless you’re thinking of becoming a barber that does house calls, I don’t suggest you tote around your man bag wherever you go. I’m also not a big fan of clutch bags. There’s something very D.O.M.ish about it. Stick to the standard travel toiletry bag and leave this in your work desk drawer. Your essentials include a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, face wash, lip balm, alcohol and some paracetamol. I can’t see why you would need anything more than that.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Under a-Tuck

Q: “I often see men (especially those who are wearing semi-fitted shirts) expose their belt buckle. Sometimes, they tuck in the front portion of their shirt to pop out their belts. Is this really necessary? I often see this "style" even from the male models of Manual. I thought they were just promoting the belts so they expose it. But I don't have any idea why others do that too.
-Lester, Amadeo, Cavite

A: I've been asked this question so many times I've forgotten if I've already answered it. Anyway, I guess one more time wouldn't hurt ...

This style is the modern take on the out-of-bed look and normally goes with wearing either big buckle belts or military belts on low-rise jeans. So, if your belt is forgettable (e.g. ordinary office leather belts) and (if) you are on the heavy side, save yourself the trouble -- either tuck or untuck. Besides, if you look at the label of this look, you will realize that it expired in 2007. Over and out!