Sunday, February 3, 2008

Under a-Tuck

Q: “I often see men (especially those who are wearing semi-fitted shirts) expose their belt buckle. Sometimes, they tuck in the front portion of their shirt to pop out their belts. Is this really necessary? I often see this "style" even from the male models of Manual. I thought they were just promoting the belts so they expose it. But I don't have any idea why others do that too.
-Lester, Amadeo, Cavite

A: I've been asked this question so many times I've forgotten if I've already answered it. Anyway, I guess one more time wouldn't hurt ...

This style is the modern take on the out-of-bed look and normally goes with wearing either big buckle belts or military belts on low-rise jeans. So, if your belt is forgettable (e.g. ordinary office leather belts) and (if) you are on the heavy side, save yourself the trouble -- either tuck or untuck. Besides, if you look at the label of this look, you will realize that it expired in 2007. Over and out!

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