Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Toilet Sink

Q: “Please help me, wherever I go, I always make sure that I have my vanity kit with me, whether I go to the mall, to the beach, at work, or even when hanging out with my friends and co-workers. With this kit, I have my cologne, alcohol, baby powder, hair cream, tissue and face mirror. I also have in it some coins, my keys, a ball pen, extra tank top and sometimes, my umbrella. All of these things make my hand carry too bulky to be "hand" carried. Is there really the acceptable vanity kit for men? If yes, what should we have in it? Please advice. Thanks!”
- Lester, Amadeo, Cavite

A: Sounds more like you carry your bathroom around than just a vanity kit. I’m all for proper grooming and hygiene, but unless you’re thinking of becoming a barber that does house calls, I don’t suggest you tote around your man bag wherever you go. I’m also not a big fan of clutch bags. There’s something very D.O.M.ish about it. Stick to the standard travel toiletry bag and leave this in your work desk drawer. Your essentials include a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, face wash, lip balm, alcohol and some paracetamol. I can’t see why you would need anything more than that.

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