Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can You Smell Me?

Q: My carpoolmates think I wear too much perfume. They’ve actually requested if I can put on my perfume when I get to the office already. But I like wearing my perfume after I take a bath because I like to smell good and it makes me feel clean. Should I change my scent or look for other carpoolmates?

-- Andrew, Caloocan

A: I think you’re missing the message of your carpoolmates, amigo. They’re not complaining about the scent of your cologne per se, but rather how much you put on.

As a general rule, the best way to apply cologne is to keep it subtle – think appetizer portions vs. main course.

It’s easier to control your application when you use a spray-on cologne vs. one that comes in a regular bottle because the cologne is dispensed in less concentration and is regulated by the spray nozzle.

For spray-ons, position the spray nozzle one (1) foot away from your body and spray only twice; one on each side of your neck.

If you have a regular cologne bottle do not splash the cologne the way they do it in baby cologne TV commercials. Do not pour cologne out on your palm and apply from there. Use one finger over the bottle opening, tip the bottle over and evenly apply cologne on each side of your neck, just below your jaw line.

Too much cologne tells people you either didn’t take a bath or are overcompensating to hide body odor. So, in this case, less is more!

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