Monday, July 13, 2009

Color Me Big

Q: I’m a big guy. I know that black is a good color for someone my size to give me some slimming effect. I can’t have everything in black though. What colors are good for a hefty man like me?
-- Louie, Taguig City

A: I’d hate for you to look like you’re always going to a funeral. Big men like you can and should wear some color; though, you should favor darker or deeper shades like eggplant purple, navy blue, brown, etc. What you need to avoid are pastel or pale colors. On top of color, your shirts’ patterns can also help make people think you’ve skipped a snack. Stock up on vertical striped shirts. It makes the eyes focus on length instead of width. If you’re thinking of wearing checkered shirts, stay away from those with big checkered patterns. Aside from making you look like you stole the table cloth of the Italian restaurant you just had lunch at, the big squares will just emphasize and not hide your man curves.

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