Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Angst

Okay, so the overall average temperature dropped slightly from 27C to maybe 24C -- that does not make it winter!

Why then are all of a sudden people walking around the streets of Manila wearing scarves, fedoras and, yes, gloves; looking like it's 12C out there?? Okay, maybe it's forgivable if you just came from Simbang Gabi, but during the day, at 24-25C? Either you're on your way to a costume party or you're under the weather, but otherwise, please... get real!

For those who wrote or contacted me wanting to have a suit made in a rush, I'm sorry to have declined your request, but I would rather pass up on potential business than compromise the quality of what Sarto has come to be known for. Anyway, there are a lot of shops out there who will willingly manufacture a suit in less than the 3 weeks I need to make a bespoke suit.

If you're going to have clothes made this Season, remember to tell your tailor to put maybe a 1/2 inch allowance around your stomach area, waist and hips. The holiday weight tends to linger on until maybe about early February -- unless, of course, you are the conscientious type who will hit the gym right after. I know most of us aren't ;-)

Here's to a great Chirstmas and a healthy New Year!

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