Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Honeymoon Jitters

Q: “I’m getting married soon and, this may sound a little unusual, but I’m stressing about what I should wear to bed on our wedding night. I don’t want to turn her off with my usual pambahay attire. Any suggestions?”
- Oliver, New Manila

A: If your “usual pambahay” (home clothes) translates to Disney pajamas, then I can see why this would be a concern. Those of us who are married can probably relate to how you feel. While the excitement is there to get the wedding reception over and done with so that we can get to the real party, there is a small feeling of anxiety to make sure we don’t do anything to mess things up. And, wearing the wrong thing can do just that. The top answer in a survey among newly married women on what sleepwear would have made them fane sickness on their wedding night was seeing their new husband in a loose tank top (sando). Showing up for bed in your jammies tells her you’re ready to sleep – “No action tonight, Dear.”

The unanimous choice for the sexiest, failsafe men’s sleepwear – a fitted shirt and boxer brief combination. Oh, and what’s comforting is that she’s probably worrying about what to wear to bed too.

My suggestion … as your wedding gifts, give each other the sleepwear that turns you on. Leather does not count as sleepwear.

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