Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Speedo Limit

Q: “I’ve noticed that more dudes are wearing Speedos in Boracay. Are board shorts out? ”
- John, Pasay City

A: Okay, so Daniel Craig in Casino Royale made the ladies drool in that skimpy number. But, reality check people… not everyone has killer abs or a swimmer’s build. Seriously, I don’t get why some guys think that wearing a man-bikini is a chick magnet. On the contrary, unless you’re reeking with mojo like Mr. Bond, a skimpy Speedo can cause more damage to your manhood than it can enhance it.

If you want to show off the body you worked so hard in the gym for, remember that you’re upper body is just as exposed when you wear board shorts. Unless your objective is to show off your thighs, then by all means, wear your water-proof briefs.

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