Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tie Food

Q: “What do you think of people who put their ties inside their shirts while eating? I get that they don’t want to accidentally stain their ties, but I think it looks weird.”
- James, Antipolo

A: In all my tie-wearing years, I’ve never had to resort to this practice to “protect” my tie from getting soiled. If you’re going to wear a tie you have to know how to behave in one. We’ve all seen comedies where a guy’s tie gets eating up by an office shredder or gets trapped in a car door. In both cases, the accident happens because the wearers forget that they’re wearing ties. Same goes for eating. If you are aware and careful enough, your shirt and your tie should be spared from any eating disorders. You wouldn’t wear a jacket just to protect your white shirt from getting stained, would you?

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