Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Waterproof Shoes

Q: “My pair of shoes became faded after it got wet from the rain. Is there still hope for me to revive them? How do I prevent this from happening to my other leather shoes?”
- Michael, Makati City

A: For your question, I asked my friends at Hush Puppies for their expert advice. According to them shoes that have been soaked wet lose their shine because the natural moisture in the leather has evaporated with the water. To bring back the luster of leather, apply good leather moisturizer. Check that the moisturizer has natural oils like coconut and jojoba because synthetic ones are not absorbed into the leather and just accumulate at the surface. To prevent this problem from happening again, apply water and dirt repellent on your shoes before you go out and expose them to the elements. This coats your shoes with an invisible and breathable layer to protect it against moisture and dirt, preventing them from seeping into the leather.

Better yet, get yourself a pair of waterproof shoes, like the ones pictured from Hush Puppies. These have been pre-treated with water-repellent ingredients in the tanning process, which makes the leather repel moisture. They also have their seams sealed to avoid water from getting inside the shoes.

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