Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2011 W.A.R. List

It's 2011 -- a new year! It's time once again for my annual W.A.R. (What to Acquire and Retire) List to help start the year right. This year, on top of style-related items, I'm including some habits that need to be kicked as well. If you're still putting together your resolutions, the following may help. Here goes...

  1. Clothes you haven't worn in at least 6 months. If you haven't worn them for at least 6 months, chances are they're just occupying precious closet space. Except, of course, for seasonal clothing like jackets or cold weather/winter apparel.
  2. Ultra skinny jeans. Yes, I've seen men in "jeggings"; not a good sight. I get that 80's fashion has managed to creep it's way back somehow, but there are very few, and I mean VERY few, who can get away with wearing what looks like denim long johns.
  3. Frayed/overly distressed jeans. I don't know about you, but there's something fundamentally wrong with spending hard-earned money on damaged clothing.
  4. Fedoras. This item makes a return on this year's W.A.R. List because there are still quite a few who don't get it. Unless you are going to a costume party, please do not think this makes you look cool. It doesn't. Reality check, people, if you are neither a professional model (or at least look like one) nor Johnny freakin Depp, a baseball cap will do just fine.
  5. Tardiness. The concept of "Filipino-time" is so pre-internet. And, just because it has "Filipino" attached to it, does not mean it's something we just accept as part of our culture. If you want this year to be a successful year for you, then realize that time waits for no one.
  6. Three-button suits. The three-button suit is a classic, so it will not really go out of style. It's just that the modern, slim silhouette just looks a lot better on a 2-button or a single-button jacket for some reason; on the average body, that is. Again, if you look and have the body of a model, you can pull anything off -- even a double-breasted jacket.
  7. Wearing the yellow ribbon pin. We have a new President. We've made our point. Let's move on.
  8. Oversharing on Facebook or Twitter. Who needs to know what you ate or how successful you are? This is the quickest way to be blocked or, worse, "un-friended".
  1. Colored socks. For those who know me, I'm an advocate of men adding a bit more color into an otherwise blue, black or white clothing portfolio. Yes, it takes some skill to know how to pair color, especially with socks, but once you get the hang of it, colored socks are a good way to bring some attention to fine leather shoes. So yes, that means investing in your footwear first.
  2. Corduroy pants. For most men, casual Fridays predictably means either jeans or the staple khaki chinos. Straight-cut, low rise corduroy pants add to your casual options. And, like jeans and khakis, they pair well with almost anything.
  3. Boat shoes. Otherwise known as topsiders, this is one of the 80's fashion staples I'm glad made a comeback. They're so versatile. They can be worn with either shorts, jeans or chinos. With the successful resurrection of the Lacoste polo shirts and the return of loafers, this completes the return of the preppy. Oh, and as you get your boat shoes remember that, unlike loafers, there's no other way to wear boat shoes except with no socks. Check out Sebago, they customize your boat shoes.
  4. Chocolate brown suit. For 2011, chocolate brown is the new black. Have a single-button chocolate brown suit made so you can wear the jacket as a separate; paired with jeans, corduroys or gray trousers.
  5. Your own tailor. If you haven't discovered the joys of wearing made-to-measure clothes, you are so missing out. And, if you're still using your Dad's tailor, you will most likely look like, well, your Dad. So set an appointment with us and realize how good you can actually look if your clothes fit you right. Okay, so that's a shameless plug, but it's my blog and my list ;-)
  6. A healthy appetite to try new things. New places to eat. New types of food. New places to see. A new barber. Wear new colors. Listen to different types of music. If you believe what the Mayans say about 2012, then 2011 makes for a good year to tick-off your bucket list.
Happy New Year everyone!

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