Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 2012 W.A.R. List

Okay, so my W.A.R. list this year is very late. Sorry folks, things have just been busy. But, enough excuses. Let's get on with this... here it is, my 2012 W.A.R. List:


1. Pocket Squares - This little detail providesjust the right amount of highlight on your bespoke suit. Just remember not to be too matchy matchy with your tie and your pocket square so it doesnt' look like you're part of a wedding entourage; unless you really are.

2. Gray Suit - Gray is just as flexible as navy or black for suits; but not as commonly used. So, if you want to subtly standout in a see of black suits, try charcoal gray for a formal evening event or ash gray for a daytime or business affair.

3. Loafers - When boat shoes made their return last year could loafers be far behind? Best
worn without socks, loafers are back in a big way, pairing perfecty with the next must aquire...

4. Slim pants with the right length - Slim pants should not be worn too long. The right break for your slim pants is a maximum of 1 inch for those who must have them break over their shoes. However, for a more contemporary look, having the hem of your pants cut at ankle-length completes the slim silhouette.

5. Glasses/frames - This year, nerds and geeks rule -- just the look, at least. Trade your contacts for dark rimmed glasses to dress AND look smart.

6. Organic vegetables - I have personally experienced the difference when you eat (or juice) organic vegetables. My skin got a different, more youthful glow, I'm less sickly, and I just feel overall great! Make sure, though, that you really buy from a reputable organic source. Some claim to be "organic" but are actually not, in the strictest sense; they still use some form of "natural" pesticide. So make sure you know your farmer. I get mine from Mara's at the Legaspi weekend market.

7. Stevia sweeteners - In the spirit of going more natural, I discovered a good alternative to artificial sweeteners and other man-made sugar substitutes. Try this sugar substitute made from the stevia leaves extract. It's sweeter than sugar and has zero calories! And, as a bonus, it's 100% natural because it comes from the stevia plant, of the sunflower family. You can get some from your drugstore or some major supermarkets and is packed conveniently in single-dose sachets.

8. Slim shorts - Shorts can look and be tailored too. Time to ditch those baggy, calf-length shorts and get yourself some slim shorts that's cut just above the knee. Pair them with loafers or Sebago boat shoes, a slim sport shirt and you're rewady to go. Now, all you need is a yacht!

9. Erasable pens - This is another good and practical find... erasable pens by Pilot. And, since you can erase your mistakes, you also save on paper. Pretty cool! After Post-Its, I'd put this in my list of the best inventions ever!

10. Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine - No, this is not a sponsored entry. I'm just really hapy I got one because I'm really tired of spending close to P100 everytime I want good cup of coffee. Of course, I'd make one myself, but who has the time for that? With my new Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine I can make me my own gourmet cup of coffee for only P25 (which is how much each pod approximately costs) with a flip of a switch. Happiness!


1. Bow ties - If you're not a professional model, or at least look like one, spare us and save wearing a bow tie for when you need to be in a tux. Like the fedora, wearing a bow tie
on casual shirts is best left on the pages of a fashion magazine.

2. Diagonal striped shirts - No one comes out a winner with diagonal stripes. If you're thin, you will look thinner. If you're on the big side, it will expand your build even more. For stripes on polo shirts, stay vertical.

3. Thick wallets - They'll not only deform your pants, doctors agree that thick wallets are the silent contributors to back pains. If you haven't realized it yet, sitting with a thick wallet in your back pocket means your posture is uneven. And, since you're most likely sitting for long periods of the day, everyday, you can already guess the toll on your spine. So, do yourself a favor, use a money clip.

4. Colored contacts - God colored our eyes to best fit how we look. (Pure) Asians do not have blue eyes! Unless you're part of the Twilight cast, there is no substitute for clear contacts.
Oh and while we're at it, tinted perscription lenses ... not cool.

5. Logo belts - Nothing spells noveau riche better than those belts with logo buckles... You know, that famous H buckle or, the ever-popular gold L and V buckle with matching logolized straps! Leave the logolized leatherware with your wife or girlfriend. Real gentlemen wear only their own initials.

6. Socks - Now, don't start throwing away your socks just yet... What I just wanted to say here is that going sockless is back; yes, even for casual evening dinners. This only works if you're wearing
slim pants or shorts though.

7. The Kardashians - Someone pull the plug on their reality show already, please!

8. Pants that are too long - You know you're old when you wear your pants too long. That means they bunch up on top of your shoes, looking like you shrank or that you borrowed your pants from someone taller. Your pants should break no more than an inch from the top of your shoes. Jeans are the exception.

9. Wearing flip flops - Unless you're beach or resort bound (or live in Singapore), resist stepping out of the house in your flip flops. The everyday-is-summer look has passed and we're thankfully going back to sensible dressing. Opt for boat shoes, leather sandals, loafers or sneakers for casual occasions.

10. Trucker's cap - one (pseudo) word -- jejemon.

Have a great year ahead!

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