Friday, March 16, 2007

All Blued Up

Q: “My girlfriend has been telling me to wear something that’s not blue. She says everything I own is blue. What should I keep in mind in choosing colors?”
- Color Me Bad, Pasay City

A: It’s not really very hard to work with other colors. The thing to keep in mind in choosing colors is knowing your skin tone. If you’re on the dark side, colors that will look good on you are light colors such as pale pink, white, gray and khaki. These colors provide a good complementary contrast with your complexion. You will want to stay clear of dark hues like chocolate brown, red and olive green since these create monotony in your overall appearance. For those with fairer complexions, colors that go well with your skin tone are burgundy, beige, brown and black. Avoid bright colors like orange, red and yellow because this creates an overpowering contrast with fair skin tones and can make it appear like your clothes are floating on you. This is especially true if you are pale or very white. Now, I hope that when your girlfriend said everything you owned was blue it did not include your briefs.

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