Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pairing Non-leather Belts

Q: “Your belt and shoes should match, right? Does this rule apply with cloth or military belts?”
- Loophole, Quezon City

A: I hope you’re not a military serviceman who is trying to make his uniform more fashionable. Outside the army, military-style belts are generally worn to accessorize a casual outfit; where you would typically be wearing sneakers. The rules are, therefore, just as relaxed. The thing to remember with military-style belts is that it should fit nicely with the overall color coordination of your outfit. You can actually take the color cue from anything that you’re wearing. To make it easy and fail-safe for you, match your belt with either the dominant color of your shirt or sneakers. Still too complicated? A white military belt goes with (almost) everything.

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