Wednesday, March 7, 2007

To Tuck or Not To Tuck

Q: “I’ve been seeing a lot of men wearing their shirts half or partially tucked. I find it sloppy. Is this acceptable?”
- Tucker, Parañaque

A: Let me guess… You’re over 30 aren’t you? Yes, it is sloppy, but that’s the look; just like out-of-bed hair. And, it’s also not for everyone. This style was introduced so as not to waste a perfectly nice belt by hiding it under an untucked shirt. So, if your belt is forgettable (e.g. ordinary office belts), then there’s really no point. I don’t suggest anyone get into the habit of doing this though because, like any other fashion trend, it will go from in to out faster that you can say pleated pants! The hard part is knowing when this look transitions from cool and trendy to being so 2005. So save yourself the worry -- either tuck or untuck.

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