Sunday, March 8, 2009

Those Freakin Bumps!

Q: Do you ever get those lumps on the shoulders of your shirt when they are hung for a long time? How do I get rid of those?

-- Jondy, Taguig

A: I call them “hanger bumps” and they’re one of my pet peeves. The thing with hanger bumps is that they’re very preventable. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all your wire hangers and those that have sharp corners. Use only wooden or plastic hangers that have rounded extended shoulders like the one pictured.

Next, instruct whoever irons your clothes to fold sport shirts and only hang polo shirts or dress shirts. Sport shirts are more prone to hanger bumps because they are made from softer cotton blends that tend conform to the shape of the wearer and also your hanger.
Now, for your shirts already with hanger bumps, while wearing them, damp (not soak) the bumps evenly with warm water. The warm water and your natural body heat will make the bumps disappear or be significantly minimized within 15-20 minutes.

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