Monday, March 9, 2009

Your True Collar

Q: Hi. What can you say about the trend last year of guys simply putting up their collar? I
think it is a little absurd.
--- Richie (via Blog Comment)

A: Last year saw the return of the preppy look -- arglyes, boat shoes, loafers, going sockless and yes, raised collars. As in most styles, the preppy look does not fit everyone. To pull this off, you have to belieavably look like you belong to an exclusive country club or play golf regularly.

On the practical side, raising your collar if you are a golfer helps prevent burns on your nape, which is often the part of your body that most forget to put sunblock on.

If you're planning to try this out, remember that you can only also really do this with a sport shirt, not a polo dress shirt. I hope I don't need to explain this. If you're asking why, one word -- Dracula.

This look is also more appropriate for day time casual because it can appear that you came from a game of tennis or golf and that just forgot to put your collar down.


Andrew said...

I've been reading a bit, and I find it amusing that a man who doles out fashion advice doesn't know what a polo shirt is. For the record:

As for the whole "popped collar" phenomenon, it was done in 2004 and dead soon after. If in your opinion the fad only just died this year, I hate to think what other "style tips" you are giving out that have been passé for ages (ahem: boot cut jeans).

Sarto said...

First, I'm encouraged that you've been reading a bit. Good for you. You should keep it up.

You will also want to know that I use ordinary / layman language as much as possible whenever I reply to the questions that I get. Nobody has the monopoly of what a polo shirt definition is, buddy, so I suggest you take that cork off your ass and chill.

Oh, and I am not (and don't wish to be) a freakin fashionista. My personal style is classic conservative, and that's what people who follow my blog have come to appreciate. It's clearly not for everyone -- especially not for fashionista fairies. In case you haven't caught on, this is all about gentleman grooming. Pay attention.