Sunday, March 8, 2009


My apologies to those who follow my blog if I was not able to update for a long time. Things got a litte hectic in the office. I have some time now so let me pick-up some of the questions that have been sent my way while I was on the road:

Q: Is there a rule about wearing a white t-shirt under one’s polo? I’m about to start work and I don’t know if I should be wearing one or not.
-- Rick, Quezon City

A: I personally do not have the habit of wearing an undershirt mainly because it makes me feel uncomfortably warm and I do not sweat a lot. I can think of the following reasons where an undershirt is appropriate.

One is that if you are a heavy sweater, then you cannot escape this practice. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing an archipelago of sweat puddles forming on someone’s dress shirt. Aside from it looking despicably untidy, it carries with it some hygiene concerns. This is the surest way not to get promoted, believe me.

Another reason you would want to wear an undershirt is if your office has an overly efficient air conditioner that makes you feel like you’re somewhere in Siberia all the time. And, while some parts of our body shrink when it is cold, our nipples tend to be inordinately attentive. That can be distracting during meetings.
If you’re going to wear an undershirt, though, the only rule is to ensure it is not visible, especially if you’re wearing short sleeved polo shirts. I would recommend those V-necked (sleeveless) muscle shirts (otherwise known as an A-shirt). These can be flexibly worn with long or short sleeved polo shirts and allows you to keep the first button of your shirt open without showing the undershirt.

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